Thanks for checking out my page! I am Communications professional with over 15 years’ work experience within local social enterprises and multinational corporate companies.

I assist in gathering funds, clients, donors and volunteers that are needed to generate revenue and maintain longstanding relationships



My work experience involves working with people from various racial and religious backgrounds, sometimes in very uncomfortable situations.

Using a strong international network, I translate strategy into meaningful messages which impact lives of recipients on the ground. I use marketing insights, creative media and culturally fit campaigns to reengage customers and deliver exceptional results.

I’m based in Nairobi and keeping busy at the moment writing content whilst working as a volunteer food distributor within my local community twice a week



I developed a regional media communications strategy for a multinational company from scratch. The campaign converted customers into regular subscribers and connected the company’s community, and vision with content. I mapped out a strategy for TV, radio, newsletters, website and social media then created an integrated plan to engage the audience and increase the frequency with which messages were received. This plan is currently being implemented in the Middle East & Africa regions.

As lead for a project which focused e- learning in Kenya, I was inspired from day one to make a contribution in the lives of women, children, and the community through education. 

I coordinated project communications and led 15 founding members to raise over $500,000 tool funding for the early childhood E-learning education program.